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To the other side of known world

To the places where time doesn't exist

You see all of it, you have seen nothing

All is too much to understand

Only the higher minds so blackened and ill

Can travel beyond his thoughts

In the tower of damned darkness

The Lord of chaos, the witch of the eye

Holding the keys into the shadows

Watching over green lands

learning the ways of goodness

To prevent those shades of light

Light and its people in Arda

Weak fools, enemy forever

Enemy forever!

Gates of shadow, doors for demons

Demons of nether and void

Infernal landscapes and abyssic essence

Insane to the mind of a man

The world of unknown, enchanted domain

Fields of nightmare and fear

Like haunted dreams, darken realms

Homeland for the demonic beings

If you go, you may drown like a stone

Lose your soul and die a thousand times

Known evil is nothing there

And nothing is just the beginning


Shadowgate / Battlelore

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