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Ride With The Dragons

The Dark Enemy, a god called Morgoth

Hide himself in the pit of Angband

Evil jewels of his mind took a shape

Great wyrms were born

When it storms look up to the sky

To the battlefields those dragons will fly

Mighty claws for their furious fights

You shall never forget that sight

The winged ones swept the land below

With the thundering winds they destroy

Those with the breath of fire and flame

Burn the earth and all on their way

Their strength far greater than man's

And their lore grows forever and ever

Eyes with a magical gaze

When they scream lands and mountains will quake

Ride with the dragons high on the sky

Fight with your sword and lance

In battle, hear their fearless warcry

The enemy will have no chance

So beautiful in the light of the moon

Dance of the wings through the sky

Over the green lands below

Heading towards eternal grace

Forever these dragons will fly

Time has no power to touch them

Thousands of years they'll sleep like stones

In their caves full of treasures and gold

Many heroes have faced their destiny

Be aware, better leave these worms alone

Masters of magic, servants of steel

Dragonslayers and dwarven warmachine

Armies of man have fought so many years

Defending their lands on the battlefields


Ride With The Dragons / Battlelore

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