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Swords Song

The first chord from the vein of the ore

There it all begins

The blacksmiths forge will resolve

The metal's nature

The riddle of steel, hiding the key

Are you able to find it?

Unlock the chain, the prize you gain...

Soul of the sword has spoken

Wave it in the air, let it breath

This perfect blance, the harmony

Shivers on the edge of the steel

Tranquillising melody

Respect the way how it stands and feels

Will it give you a chance?

It's not for everyone to see

How it sings on a battlefield

Faithful mate of the whitest knight

The loot of the lowest thief

Path of justice, hope for the weak

Path of blood for your enemy

Two sides of the sword

You may think it's nothing but agony

When you feel the hate

It is the hand that carries the blade

Cold steel the warrior's chum

It will never deceive you

Take a good care of it

And you will be rewarded

Use it wisely don't be a fool

IT could be a burden

But when it's time for you to meet the steel

Let it dance for you

Feel the might

Inside of you

Raise your blade

It's time to fight

I heard the sword's song

And it sang to me

Both the iron, the will

Under my control


Swords Song / Battlelore

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