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The southern end of the Misty Mountains

Waters of Entwash and Limlight

There it stands, the mighty wood of great age

Hiding secrets from the early years

Once so green and great that it reached

All over the Eriador

Huge tracts of lost lands

Beleriand covered by this great vast forest

Creatures hiding in the deepest shadows

Keeping the darkest ones away

Great guardians, fathers of woods

Defending their ancient pride

Long ago they wandered the land

Nowadays there's left only a few

Others crushed by the armies of unlight

In Fangorn there lives the eldest one

The eldest of the ents

This forest named after him

Fangorn, Treebeard

The guardian of his lands

The oldest being in Arda

So much evil he has seen

So much shadows in his dreams

With his heart full of grief

He trusts and still believes

To his kingdom so serene

For his entlings and him

Hear me my fellow ents

It's time to march into the battle

The evil has raped our lands too much

So many brothers gone by the darkness

Every orc under the banner of the hand

Will be crushed by our hate and anger

Every Uruk who stands against our power

Will be teared apart form his life

The white hand of Saruman

All his glory soon beaten down

All the walls and towers of Isengard

Destroyed by the entish wrath

Die, die uruk-hai!

The war is over and all is silent

Ravens fly to Isengard

Tall creatures with the shape of a tree

Marching north with victory

Their work is now finished

Ents have crushed their enemy

Dead uruk's every where

Reign of Saruman gone for good


Fangorn / Battlelore

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