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Buccaneers Inn

Numenorean corsairs

Your sons have stepped ashore

From the battle and storms

With northern fleets

Great treasure they fought

From the shores of Gondor

Drove their men into the sea

It's time for the feast

To the habour of Umbar

Like a wind we sail

Your pitful slaves now row

Tonight we will celebrate

Open your barrels

Bring me your finest wine

Where are the women?

Your heroes have arrived

No sleep tonight my friends

It's time for the pleasures

Because it is soon another day

And our ship leaves again

Fill my mug, I just want to forget

All the troubles and fighting

And the ghosts in my head

Dancing and drinking

In Buccaneers Inn

And later tonight it's time for sin

No need to worry the future

Let's live the moment

It's our time we are not going to waste it

The morning seems like torment


Buccaneers Inn / Battlelore

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