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Alexander Platz

Break my heart tear it apart

And spit me in my eye

Confuse my head treat me for dead

And fill me your lies

You don't have to know your lines very well

You don't have to lie the best

Just act at your class just be an ass

A cunt among the rest

I couldn't care less

You don't move me

If you wanna roll around in shit

Just like the rest

I don't give a damn

I don't even give a fuck

You don't move me

I don't give a fuck

You don't move me

I don't give a fuck

One is stronger I've read somewhere

You bet your ass it's true

Make sure to love yourself

'Cause no one will ever love you

You've got to treat yourself

Like the number one just to survive

Or else you'll go a sorry one

While choking on their lies

Take my advice

It's better than their lies

Man's best friend is still a greasy hand

You don't give a fuck

You don't even give a damn

Alexander Platz /

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