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Amazons from outer space

Amazons from outer space

Walkin down the street late one night

It came from up above it was a big red light

It went so fast I couldn't believe my eyes

It was a UFO that came up from the sky

Four green women as nice as they could be

Walked out of the saucer and they waved hello at me

They giggled and they growled it was a sight to behold

But I could guess the story that they told


They were amazons from outer space

Took me in their saucer was a real gone place

Four green women in a UFO

They took me in and growled ??????Well we need you so'

They came from a planet where no man has ever been

As they saw me walking it was the best they've ever seen

They took me in their saucer and they treated me real good

As I learned to speak their language it was quickly understood


Amazons from outer space /

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