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Girls girls girls

Girls girls girls

Well I went to see a doctor just the other day

Very curious at what that man had to say

He said watch it fellow you gotta slow down

Just because you are the coolest guy around

You got so many chicks 10 in one hand

One more girl and you?????™ll be dead and gone


But doc I?????™m living on

Girls girls girls (4x)

I went to see a doctor for a good advice

But all he said boy be as cold as ice

Doc what?????™s wrong with me tell me please

Biy you are suffering from lovers?????™ disease

Doc tell me please will I ever be OK

Well I?????™ll quit the drinking and eat vitamins all day

But he said too many girls sonny that?????™s what?????™s wrong

No more if you wanna live long


No doc no girls and I?????™ll always be sick

I?????™d die within a month of a lack of chick

So I keep on drinking and having a ball

The little time I?????™ve left I wanna have it all

Well I rather have a good rocking week or two

Then spend my time visiting you

Ref (repeating)

Girls girls girls /

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