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Love disease

Love Disease

Everytime I see you walking down the street

I can't help shivering all over me

Went to a doctor he didn't know a cure

But I know I love you and that's for sure


I got love, love baby, I got love disease

I roll on the floor I'm in a horrible cramp

Everytime I think of you I'm lost and damned

I know that I'm living but my body don't fit

I don't know how to walk I don't know how to s(h)it


I'm starving from hunger cause I can't eat

I'm biting my fingers ??????till they're raw red meat

I want you to know that I'm sick of you

However I always get some kicks from you


I got a strange feeling in my head

I'm gonna stay 6 months in my bed

If you won't love me I will die

You gonna be caught behind the bars sometime

Baby please please I got love disease

Love disease /

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