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I?????™m gonna tell you a story it?????™s a long long time ago

Two old timer-mammoths they were stealing the show

Crashing to eachother with all their might

It was an earthquake

Crash into each other with all their might

It feels just like the first time like the first time when you?????™re making love

The stars and the planets are falling from above

This feeling that makes you wanna explode

That?????™?????™s your earthquake

That burning feeling makes you want to explode

If you hear our rocking music and you feel that rocking beat

There ain?????™t nothing you can do than just move your arms and feet

This music?????™s more explosive than TNT

It?????™s an earthquake

It?????™s more explosive than TNT

So now you know what to do what to do when you wanna quake

Rock and love so hard that your body wants to shake

Let yourself go and have a real good time

Have an earthquake

When you wanna quake let your body shake

Earthquake /

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