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Death once walked this relic land

He came while all would sleep

Death held up his bony hand

And with it death did sweep

Across all land and water

With one gesture he did take

The lives of all man woman child

And deafening silence followed in his wake

Like stub before a shiny blade

All man fell by his scythe

Once the fever got you in its grasp

There is but one more day left of your life

Black Death


Black Death


The Lord has all forsaken

All must cleanse themsleves from sin

Then rid oneself from lust

And take the holy spirit in

To redeem your pity selves

You all must flog your filth away

With nightfall cometh the shadows

Gather all the children of the Lord and pray

The shadow heavy upon this land

And still the stale air sway

In great numbers all around

The fallen lie as they fell to rot away

Black Death


Black Death



Pestilence / Bathory

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