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Ring Of Gold

Silver, the moon high over pond of water calm and dark

Woe, mist, the breath of the dragon, sweeping down mountain side

All still, the day asleep, the sun rests in nest of the Gods

Afar high adventures await me, I hear my brothers calling

Spring is here and the ice breaks free

The endless sky and open sea

I will sail where the Raven will lead me

Fly on black wings, high and free

I shall return with the wind the day

From high adventures, swelling sail

Autumn red comes to Asa bay

Meet me by the well where the water, crystal clear, flows free

From deep within the great mountain towering to the sky

I will be awaiting you coming down treading the trails of clues

Bare feet, let your hair down like the mist across the pond

In dawn of time, before gods and man

When earth and shy was first divided

A star did fall into river deep

A star of gold into silvery water

While I sail, by this you shall remember me

Wear it, yours forever to deep

To bind us beyond end of time, to thee I give a ring of gold


Ring Of Gold / Bathory

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