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Foreverdark Woods

Evening is falling, all still around me

The old crow is calling, but the landscape is at peace

Down the trail through this forest, through thicket we ride

The unseen is watching from behind each stone and pine

Slowly the golden dise of the sun is setting

Beyond the rim of Nordland at the end of long day

Slowly the ominous dark descend upon all

Engulfing all land and heaven and the shore of Asa bay

Here lie the bones of our fathers long gone

Deep in the soil of these woods

Among these great trunks legends were born

Here many great battles stood

Trotting the trail, my stallion cautions

Present the spirits of foreverdark woods

We rest by the fire, the shadows come to life by its light

Three brothers, sons of white wolf, observed by the eyes of the night

Night is long where the sunlight is pale

The fear is strong when you ride in the dawn

Down foreverdark woods trail

Heavy the turf, bone meal and blood

Raise high you pine towards shy

Firm in the soil, tree trunks of gods

Like dragon ship masts straight and high

Reaching the glade, ride on to Asa bay

Watched by the spirits of foreverdark woods


Foreverdark Woods / Bathory

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