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 Bathory Bathoryблэк-металл


Land of unforgiving winter

Cold, clad in white, under a dark grey sky

Silent, the wind, it whispers

Pale sun of gold, gazing from far up high

Endless forests, lakes of water dark and deep

Misty mountains, where giants sleep


High about all, the ravens

Spreading their wings to fly to the hall up high

Messengers of the all fathers

Oden behold all with his one eye

Eagle soaring, old crow cries

This land and heaven, forever tied


Cold the waves along the shoreline

White wolfs realm from here to mountains high afar

Land of ours since it rose out of deep cold sea

Shine on our path, yes brightest of all, Northstar

Foreverdark woods, cold winds sweep

Barren landscape, untamed and bleak



Nordland / Bathory

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