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Distinguish To Kill

System the crocked cross

the code yellow star

machinery of death will grind

the trains keep on rolling

both nearby and far

the cargo is of Abrahams kind

Gasping for air

in the stench and the heat

losing track of the number of days

only the cramped space

keeps people afeet

while all hope vanishes like a haze

All comes to hault

and the doors slam wide open

then all are called out on the ground

a sweet sour smell

fills all lungs on the platform

the roar of the death machine sounds

Phallos of death

giant chimneys arise

spewing ashes and fire way high

the disciplin of racial purity

the code by which you all

fuckin' must die

Distinguish to Kill

Distinguish to Kill

Shiny black leather boots

peaked caps in grey

sporting the deaths head mean grin

yellow star patch

and pink triangle displayed

numbers inked into bear skin

Rows of barbed wire

high voltaged in miles

ensurance to kill all last hope

the only way out of this hell is to go

through the chimney

like thick burning smoke

Burning the bodies

the owens glow white

as the heat cracks the skulls open wide

bodily human fluids joins the melted fat

running down the collecting pipes

Now grinding the piles

of burned bones to powder

the system perfected and complete

all to attain and remain in purity racialy

the wheels turn in deaths industry


Distinguish To Kill / Bathory

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