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 Bathory Bathoryблэк-металл


Augsburg eagle 109

Mottled battle dress

Lifting-off climbing up high

Der scwarm lined up abreast

Cutting through the ice cold air

On wings burdened with fuel and led

I'll fly and fight my rest will come

At wars end or when I am dead

The word Frei Jagd is given

Arm your guns and set the trim

Watch out for the escort

Now let the hunt begin

Where eagles fly eternal sky

The battlefield up high

Twist and strike my mount of knights

My faithful Augsburg eagle 109

White contrails across the sky

Target sighted 2'o clock high

Steadily on giant wings in a box formation

Now the killing begins

I comence a run-in from astern

Six barrel's of mind sound

Trailing smoke the bomber tuble

Spinning nose down first towards the ground

Out of ammunition

Low on fuel I break away

To whell down refuel and rearm

To intercept their second wave

Hanging by your prop I climb

Again in the sky

Way above those blooded fields

My faithful Augsburg eagle 109


109 / Bathory

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