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Day Of Wrath

Finally the purifying storm

First we die then be reborn

So flock the banner of The Return now fight and die

Many head serpent is here at our side

Wagnerian end the grand finale is here

Awash with red blood rebirth is near

Feel wind of Mayhem against your face

Bugle divine can be heard throughout space

If in the heat of battle you will have doubt

Just kill them all and let their God sort them out

The tales of this day will replace tomorrows weep

For when thou wind doth saw then storm thou shall reap

On the final day

The angel heart lies cold Under The Sign

And crimson still the frozen Blood On Ice

Drawn on walls in blood of goats the Octagon

The vagrant souls will chant the Requiem until the Twilight is long gone

Suck the leaves of otherness and lie down with the facces goddes

Eat from her rotten flesh there is no life before death

Now the sky is crimson with blood of angels

Kneel before the voice face the anger of God

Day Of wrath


Day Of Wrath / Bathory

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