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Dies Irae

Recorded February 1988. Released on album "Blood Fire Death", October 1988)

Creed of eternal life I swore

Held my candle of light into the void

Risen from the dead I death's powers wed

In the name of the one with horns on head

Sleep of eternity withdrawn as dark upon

The life of mine drew the very end so near

The price another life the gospel of the

Horned one to spread shore to shore

Eternally his words let hear

Be silent listen to the wind crying out the

Answer to all mankind call from other

Side speach of horned divine

To end your search in hope to find

As sure night divides the day and as sure day divides the night

Raging flames is all that awaits us all on the other side

Doomed the very moment he calls

See his star ablaze his children

On the night the flames reach for the sky

Night is comed to enter the never ending burning fire

Onto you all his word is given

Fear not reach to take his hand

Hear our master calling us his children

Eternal life is given death withdrawn

As wolves among sheep we have wandered

Victory lies beyond their spite and scorn

Even the heavens shall burn when we are gathered

Now when the flames reach for the sky

Dies Irae


Dies Irae / Bathory

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