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I swear the oath of blood

and tear the virgin's flesh

I gash the wounds of heaven

and rides the wings of death

Tonight the cauldrons are filled

with brewage made?of hate

Tonight we blasphemy

possessed we desecrate

Tonight we raise our cups

and toast in an angels blood

Salute hell's victory

despise the words of God


Eternal battlefields

no prisoners we take

We rape your sacred souls

behind the seven gates

Tonight you all will hear

the angels cry of pain

and in the sky you will see

the all eternal flame

On earth you mortal fools

obey the christian ways

but there is no mighty God

to hear your final prayers


Forks of lightning strikes in the sky

the sound of thunder rolls

Satan, chimes the bell of death

and beckon all your souls

Heaven's angels realizes

there is no place they can hide

Tonight the furnace gates of hell

stands open wide

Black witch of beauty

hovers around and cast her spells

Tonight a virgin's womb

shall breed a son of hell




Armageddon / Bathory

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