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Hungry Joe

Hungry Joe?...

He died three years ago.

As for the circumstances,

For now it's best that you don't know.

Starved for attention,

He was always trying to find a fight.

But his demise was unconnected

To this facet of his appetite. He'd say

"Me Big Man.

"Come on you want a piece of me man?

"Me Big Man.

"Come and take me if you can."

Hungry Joe lived in a dream

Where he was a "ladies-man-supreme"

As anyone will tell you if you ask.

Joe thought of his life more like a quest

To prove to women he was best.

Though they didn't seem as eager towards the task.

He'd say

"Me Big Man

"Do you want to know how big I am?

"Me Big Man"

And as the cost of a wager lost

A young woman had the nerve to come up and say,

"You may or may not know,

"Congratulations Joe,

"This must be your lucky day."

Then she led him to a place

Where she said they'd be alone,

And she coaxed him into showing something

He had never shown.

Then she called her girlfriends in

And they laughed and laughed,

And left him lying there.

Joe started chewing on his fingers.

Nervously gnawing on a knuckle...

Teething up his forearm

Until he found a tender muscle.

So, you see, Joe was nicknamed "Hungry",

Not for the life he lived alone,

But for the way in which they found him;

Teeth embedded in the bone.

"Me Big Man

"Tear off another piece if you can.

"Me Big Man

"Come on you want a piece of me

Hungry Joe /

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