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Friend Of Mine

Hello, it's me...the absentee.

It's been so long. Have you forgotten me?

Two busy lives and countless miles

Have that tendency on memory.

Oh, it's been such a long time.

It's so good to hear your voice on the line.

All of your friends say they miss you much,

But they're kinda pissed that you haven't kept in touch.

And when, to you, they did get through

They say you brushed them off,

And that's just not like you.

They asked me if we still get along

I told them my views and dreams and my favourite song

Would shift and turn with the passing of time.

But the one thing for certain

Is that you'd always be a friend of mine.

Ran into your sister the other night.

She said your new man's got you locked down real tight.

She went on to say that you were a fool

For not nabbing me back in high school.

These revelations caught me off my guard.

The gist of her words hit me very hard.

And the thought of you being treated unkind

Was double the blow

Because you've always been a friend of mine.

Maybe you should come back home.

If things aren't right

You might be better off alone.

Is he there? Put him on the phone.

I'll give him a piece of my mind.

If he's messing with you

Then he's messing with a friend of mine.

He must not have known

That he was messing with a friend of mine.

I would do anything for you friend of mine

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