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Барри Мэнилоу Барри МэнилоуАмериканский рок певец, автор песен, музыкант, дирижер, композитор, продюсер

Where Are They Now

Outside the sky is water color grey

Newspaper says to look for rain today

No one around for company

And so I turn to memories to pass the time away

Each face that flashes back to mind

Seems as it was untouched by time

I can't recall quite all the names

Each one is precious all the same

How strange to think

How many friends were lost somewhere behind


Where are they now

How I miss those companions

Who walked the canyons of the night

By my side

Where are they now

Like so many crazy dancers

We live only for the answers in a song

But that was long ago

Where are they now

When love was new and wonderful

There was no word impossible

The future we saw with our minds

Was something of our hearts design

Between today and yesterday

Life came between us all

[Chorus 2x]

Where are they now

Барри Мэнилоу

Where Are They Now / Барри Мэнилоу

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