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Real Live Girl

Pardon me miss

But I've never done this

With a real live girl

What could be harmful

In holding an armful

Of a real live girl

Pardon me if you're affectionate squeeze

Fogs up my goggles and

Buckels my knees

I'm simply drown in the sight, and the sounds,

And the scent and the feel

Of a real live girl

Nothing can beat getting swept off your feet

By a real live girl

Dreams of you but don't compare with a hunk

Of a real live girl

Girl's were to girlish

Was once my belief

Whata reversal and what a relief

I'll take the flowering hat

And the towering hill

And the squeal of a real live girl

I've seen photographs and fax similies

That have set my heart off in a whirl

But I over look everyone in the book

For a real live girl

Take your vernecion or romanaprrection

Ideal live girl

Go be a hold out for Helen of Troy

I am a healthy American Boy

And I rather gape at the dear little shape of the stir

And the kill of a real live girl

Full time, occasional all operational girl

Барри Мэнилоу

Real Live Girl / Барри Мэнилоу

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