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Losing Touch

I can tell something up

You havn't touched your scotch

You've been starring out the window

Now your starring at you watch

And lately that's been happening to much

I think we're losing touch

Is it something that I've done

Or thing I never said

It's been getting pretty quiet

There on you side of the bed

Remember when we used to talk so much

I think we're loseing touch

After all the love we found together

Who had ever guessed ,that we could fall

After all the things we had in common

Where they to commom after all

Won't you tell me what's wrong

I haven't got a clue

Is there something we can take for this

Or somethink we can do

Together you and I have had so much

There's so much to lose

And I think we're losing touch

Барри Мэнилоу

Losing Touch / Барри Мэнилоу

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