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Барри Мэнилоу Барри МэнилоуАмериканский рок певец, автор песен, музыкант, дирижер, композитор, продюсер

Lonely Together

Your eyes are sad eyes

Mine are too

It doesn't take to much to see

What we've been through

You lost your baby

And me the same

Ain't it true how love's a hurtin' game

Could I have this dance

May I be so bold

It's just my arms are empty

And the night is so cold


Wouldn't it be fine bein' lonely together

Wouldn't it be fine havin' a shoulder to share

You could tell me how he broke your heart

And I'll tell you how she broke mine

And maybe later on I could take you home

Now wouldn't it be sad bein' lonely all alone

A heart that's hurtin's

Not to hard to see

I guess he promised you the world

Like she did me

But dry your eyes now

You'll be just fine

We can drown our achin' hearts in this glass of wine

Well I hate to say

What's done is done

It's just two could ease the pain

Much better than one



It's such a crazy thing

All you gotta give and no regrets

But love

It can live again

Stay with me tonight

I'll make it work out right


Барри Мэнилоу

Lonely Together / Барри Мэнилоу

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