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Intimate Tonight

Well the big bodacious beauties down on Plum Grove Rd

Give out greetings of generous salutations.

And along comes Succulent Sam and the Champagne Man

And they say "Do you know the way to Gloryland".

So they go on down to the local bar

Where choir boys sing their praises tonight

And Succulent Sam grabs both ladies hands and says

"Would you like to get intimate tonight".

Well now the aging primadonnas down on bartenders row

Are dressed with signs of perfection.

And they pop a pill as a sign of good will

And the boys see it as a prescription to fill

And the local Raggedy Ann and Andy

They are dancing under smoked fill lights

Oh, he tries to cop a peek, as he kiss's her cheek

And says "Would you like to get intimate tonight".

Well now, Succulent Sam and the Champagne Man

Got dumped for some boys from Waukegan.

And the aging primadonna's lay a hand upon their breast

And they pray to the good Lord to restore a lost commandment

And the big bodacious beauties they are rumbling now

With the choir Boys in the loft land of life.

And Succulent Sam fends off the Champagne Man.

And says "You ain't getting intimate tonight

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