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If You See Lil

She's a little ballerina

Who can dance without s sound

In an old burned out building

In a part of old town

And there in sunlit terrace

Where her shadow almost fades

She dances to the music of a

Morning parade.

And though some see her

They don't care that much

She's a little girl who dances

With the angels touch.

Lil used ta twirl for me

Oh, many years on back

We'd stand upon the fire escape

And she danced upon the tracks

And there in a moonlit garden

I would talk about my scenes

Lil would do her dance'n

And I would talk about my dreams

And, oh with these old heals

Under me now if I ever get back

I'll tell her this right now.

If you see Lil in the moonlight

Tell her I'm doing fine,

I'm all right and O.K.

If you see Lil in the moonlight

Tell her I am fine and I'm O.K.

When it came time for me to go

I lit another cigarette

Has Lil put on a show

And there I'd sit in her stairwell

And look between the blinds

And I'd go and pull her covers up

Just one last time

And oh as I walked out

Into the city streets

I'd look back through the window

And see Lil upon her feet

Well, they say that she is dancing

In a midnight hourglass

With an only rose that's there

Has her supporting cast

And they say that she pours tea

For a crowd that isn't there

Lil will go on dance'n

Cuz she just don't care

And if I ever get back

It won't be the same

Cuz she'll know I've been out there,

Play n' sane

If You See Lil /

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