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Aint No Mountain High Enough

She said it's so hot I think I'm gonna die

Where's the water where's the water

The ground had started to look like a pizza

Sweat was forgotten weight was lost

Where was the water

The desert must be some demon's secret nightmare

The sun is now an assassin

I hate the crazy look in my lovers eye

Where's the water where's the water

Bleached bones of long empty dreamless heads

Staring at the sun

I wanted to disappear

After she wanted to be carried

I stopped really loving her

When her lips started to look

Like dead fried marshmallow shells

I no longer desired her kisses

Or her sighs or her cries

And when I touched her dryness I was repulsed

To think I was repulsed

Stranded for who's plan

I was dying for the act

0f an automobile company somewhere

Some underpaid slave

Of my country's lost great dream

Someone that forgot to screw something in right

Sure sealed my rate

You can't escape your destiny oh no

Not in the middle of the desert

Here we were celebrating the holiday of love

Happy anniversary dear

We were exclaiming in wonder

Natures sculptured dunes

Where's the water where's the water where is it

When I usually wash the vehicle

That has pulled the trigger on me and my bride

I like to enjoy the act of casual conversation

You know with my neighbors

Music talk maybe a little sports

Some politics if it's Paul

And as I talk I lay down the hose the hose

I lay it down and the water flows from the hose

Over my driveway out into the street

Down the block and into the sewer by the school

All that water that cool water

Do you think we'll give up together

Probably not

The woman will be exhausted

Aint No Mountain High Enough /

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