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Boogie Woogie Amputee

I love to dance with Peg Leg Sue

She got one, I got two

I told her to save a dance for me

My boogie woogie amputee

We're gonna hop swing and jump

I shake my hips, she shakes her stump


Sha la la la Wee ahh oooh

Disco Disco Peg Leg Sue

Oh Suzie baby if you please

Let me give your stump a squeeze

It turns me on that empty knee

My boogie woogie amputee

Down hetta-hetta

Oh Suzie you sho ain't got two left feet baby

Oh Suzie Oh Suzie you're my fave

You only got one leg to shave

You got style, you got charms

Aren't you glad you got both arms

You're gonna use 'em tonite



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