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 Barenaked Ladies Barenaked LadiesАльтернативная группа


How, in every visible way, you shine

As if the stars in your wake align

Almost impossible to malign

But just below where you shine, you burn

Although I know it, I never learn

Just goes to show that I can't discern


Aluminum to me

Aluminium to some

You can shine like silver all you want

But you're just Aluminum

Illuminating just what you want to show

You'd never rust, but I'd never know

You can't be trusted, I can't let go


Every time you're here, I forget

When you leave, you leave only regret

Every time you're here, I forget


You're so lightweight, how can you survive?

Recycling moments from others' lives

You're not as precious as you contrive


Yeah, you're just Aluminum

Barenaked Ladies

Aluminum / Barenaked Ladies

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