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You Will Be Waiting

Words & Music by Steven Page

As we walk together through the autumn, nearing winter

Through the dying leaves and trees we call our home and native land,

You say you don't believe a thing I say, I say you don't believe a thing

You say you can't believe how I don't understand


But I Know

That you will be waiting

Oh I know

That you will be waiting

Oh I know

You Will be waiting

Waiting there for me

You say you cannot live with me, you need your own identity

And now we air our laundry on national TV

And so you hate my arrogance, my smothering and sitting on the fence,

But I'm afraid of the hard permanence of letting you go free


I'm so sick of fighting and that effigy you're lighting looks

An awful lot like whose name I just can't quite place

And though you say it's not supposed to be me or any entity

Still through the lames and smoke I see I recognize that face


And you were someone who would

Always tell me things I don't know,

And tell me where to go

But there I'll always go

Whether or not you're waiting

I don't care if you'll be waiting

But please say that you will be waiting there for me

Barenaked Ladies

You Will Be Waiting / Barenaked Ladies

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