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In The Car

She fed me strawberries and

freezer-burned ice cream

I said "Good-bye I guess"

She lifted up her dress

and so I must confess

we made out one more

time before I left for good

She thought I'd come back but I

wouldn't want to seem like other guys

A book-and-record love,

we sat and read our books

between those longing looks,

compounded by our fear

My tongue inside her ear,

my tongue inside her

in the basement of her mother's

house where she once taped the

first three sides of Sandanista! for my car

We were looking for ourselves

and found each other

In the Car

It was rare to do much more

than simply mess around

In the Car

It was mostly mutual masturbation

And though we spoke of penetration

I'd have to wait for someone else to try it out

Once I had this dream

where I slept with her mom

A secret all along, unless I've got this wrong

unless she hears this song

unless she hears it

on a tape inside her car

with her new husband and she

turns to him and says "I think that's me"

In the Car

we were looking for ourselves

but found each other

In the Car

We groped for excuses

not to be alone anymore

In the Car

we were waiting for out lives

to start their endings

In the Car

We were never making love

We were never making love

We were never making love

In The Car /

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