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Bayou Song

The background for approximately the 1st verse of the song is:

Bayou, Bayou, etc.

Y'know, I tried to call you, but I don't got your number.

I wanna love you but I know you're not dumber than me

You gotta be dumb to be my girl.

I tried to kiss you but you ran away,

I tried to kiss you but it was the other day when your were on another planet

A planet out near the sun, where people live near the sun and sunny people live Woo


OOOOOOH, I got myself a sister, when I was just born

I said to my parents "look out, I feel I have got to warn you,

I'm nobody's brother, I'm nobody's son" Although when i walk really goddamn wuick sometimes I

Break into a run

I got myself a raisin, It's made form ancient grapes (ancient grapes yeah)

sometimes when it's Craisin, it lays beats down on tape

A California raisin, it's nobody's fruit (nobody's fruit baby)

A California raisin, It's nobody's fruit.

YEAH (Steve: Woo woo woo woo woooooo

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