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Why Do I Need A Job

Why do i need a job, why do i need a job

I feel so free, i got nowhere to be

So why so i need a job

I once worked for an old bastard

Who always pushed me to work faster

He made fun of me

Cause my hair was green

He tried to stick his hands into my jeans

My girlfriend is a stripper in abilene

She likes me to stay home and watch tv.

She pays for my food,

She likes to be rude

She undresses her friends for me

I don't have a clue

What i wanna do

Maybe i could invent

Something cool

Or i could do time

For committing a crime

Then sue for a million

Or two

I traded my car for a van

Filled it with gas, guitars and this band

They pay us with beer,

We stole all this gear

So why don't ya'll

Give us a hand

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