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Rose print underwear

Curly curly blonde blonde hair

Shine like a dandy lion,

So i hear my own self sighin'

Shooby-dooby, hey, hey, hee

I hope you don't scare easily

Wash my brain, wash my brain

Cleanse me of this shame

And wash my brain

Your skirts are so clean

And rest just above the knee

These needs are so intense,

They drain my intelligence

Heede, heede, hail, hail, hail

I swear i won't kiss and tell

My mind is so dirty i got mud runnin' out of my ears

They clog up so i can't hear

The tears of fear

You better get out of here

Your smiles are so bright,

So let's turn out the lights

If you can't see what we do,

Than you might not feel as used


Oh whop, whop, whop

So would you please leave

On your socks

Brainwasher /

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