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Брижитт Бардо Брижитт БардоФранцузская актриса и певица

What Have You Done

nothing else matters in the world today

you know my car won't start and theres bills to pay

i've left my summons on the bedroom floor

you know they just don't scare me anymore

all these things will change in time

everything will turn out fine

if my prying conscience calls

i'm not home, not here at all


ooh what have you done

i'm feeling like a rebel today

ooh what have you done

you've made me belive i am someone

i've turned my back on the girl of old

you know i've packed her off with her self control

its written on the lines her upon my face

you know i'm just not suited to obedence

i won't be told whats cool to wear

i won't told i can not swear

i make my rules up as i go

a love defiance don't you know

[repeat chorus to fade]

Брижитт Бардо

What Have You Done / Брижитт Бардо

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