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One Night

You took all my money

I gave you no name

My love and my money

Did you think I would chase it in the rain?

My eyes are now open

But what do I see?

One ride after midnight

Had I thought it would mean that much to me?


Everybody needs someone to love

Everybody needs a friend

Everybody needs someone to care

Do you think you can make it in the end?

Do you think that you can make it, my friend?

I thought it was easy

But what did I know

Of old men and first blood

Or the drunk who gets taken blow by blow?

The dice are all loaded

You pay by the throw

But you pay the loser

Seems the rain is turning into snow


We stand round your doorways

You hang on the walls

Your frames are your windows

Put your bodies on the stalls

You take all our money

We leave you no name

We're dealt just the one card

But the dealer plays in every game


Barclay James Harvest

One Night / Barclay James Harvest

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