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Барбра Стрейзанд Барбра СтрейзандАктриса, певица

Pretty Women* The Ladies Who Lunch **

*pretty women


Sippin coffee

Dancing, pretty women

Pretty women

Are a wonder, pretty women

Sitting in the window or

Standing on the stair

Something in them cheers the air

Pretty women


Stay within you

Glancing stay forever

Breathing lightly, pretty women,

Pretty women

Blowing out their candles or

Combing out their hair

Even when they leave

They still are there

They're there

**sipping coffee

Here's to the ladies who lunch

Everybody laugh

Lounging in their caftans and

Planning a brunch

On their own behalf

Off to the gym

Then to a fitting,

Claiming they're fat

And looking grim,

Cause they've been sitting

Choosing a hat

I'll drink to that!

Here's to the girls who just watch

Aren't they the best

When they get depressed,

It's a bottle of scotch

Plus a little jest!

Another chance to disapprove

Another brilliant zinger

Another reason not to move

Another vodka stinger

I'll drink to that!

Here's to the girls who play wife

Aren't they too much!

Keeping house but clutching a copy of "life"

Just to keep in touch

The ones who follow the rules

And meet themselves at the schools

Too busy to know that they're fools

Aren't they a gem!

I'll drink to them!

Let's all drink to...

*pretty women, fascinating

How they make a man sing...

**here's to the girls on the go,

Everybody tries

Look into their eyes

And you'll see what they know,

Everybody dies

A toast to that invincible bunch

The dinosaurs surviving the crunch

Let's hear it for the ladies who lunch

Everybody rise

Everybody rise,

*pretty women at their mirrors

In their gardens

On committees, telephoning

Window shopping table hopping

Pretty women giving parties

Never stopping

Gossip swapping, capsule popping

** everybody rise, everybody rise,

Everybody rise, everybody rise-


Pretty women rise!

Барбра Стрейзанд

Pretty Women* The Ladies Who Lunch ** / Барбра Стрейзанд

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