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Клаус Барби Клаус Барбинемецкий военный преступник, известный также как «Лионский мясник»

Star 69

I was siting in my lounge chair doin' my hair

He was lookin' at me I was lookin' at him

He was doin' his hair too I did not no what to do la la la

I thought I was in love

I ran straight to the nurse

next thing you know I'm walkin' down the aisle


Yo yippy yo I'm callin' you back this is star 69

Over 4 million copies sold of my wedding yo yippy yo

I'm standing on stage pretending to be famous and man was it hard

The crowd was goin' wild

and now I know what its like to be Outkast


I was downtown Toronto and out of knowhere I was being bombed

I looked up it was my rich little sister boming me with water ballons

I had to get her back by living in her mansion and kicking hr out

This is the end of my story


Клаус Барби

Star 69 / Клаус Барби

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