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Standing Room Only

Standing Room Only

You must think my bed?????™s a bus stop

By the way you come and go

I ain?????™t seen you with the lights on

Two nights in a row

So pack your rusty razor,

And don?????™t bother with goodbye

Your cup runneth over

But mine is always dry


Standing room only,

But I can?????™ stand no more

Standing room only

Outside my door

Don?????™t help me set the table

??????Cause now there?????™s one less place

I won?????™t lay mama?????™s silver

For a man who won?????™t say grace

If home is where the heart is

Then your home?????™s on the street

Me, I?????™ll read a good book

Turn out the lights and go to sleep

(Repeat chorus 2x?????™s)

Standing Room Only /

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