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The Power Of Love


The power of love, will take us tonight

And hearts made of gold, they sing in delight

Emotions for real, we dance to the beat

The power of love is all that we need!

I've been waiting for this night so long

I can't take in much longer

And the tought of getting close to you

Oh, it makes me losing my mind

In the heat of the night you and I, wrote the light I ever needed to survive this night

And I know

You been giving it all, you been loving me more

Cause all we need is :

CHORUS: ......

There were times I didn't understand

I was praying for someone

Couse I've never been this sure before

You're the reason, the man that I am

Angels sing in the sky for us now

And we share all lucky love, all lucky time I know,

That tonight,

I'll be giving it all

I'll be loving you more

Couse all we need is:

CHORUS: .....

"come near me closer"

-And hold me tight

"My heart's on fire"

- I need you tonight!

CHORUS: .......

Will take us tonight

They sing in delight

Emotions for real, we dance to the night

The power of love, the power of love

The Power Of Love /

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