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The Night Of The Demon Lord

Dread the end of summer

On the blackest of all nights,

The feast of samhains waking

In the mist of pagan rites.

The sunlight now is waning

As the undead walk the land.

Tonight's chaos - no mortal understands...

The festival of darkness

Under red october moon:

The powers of black witchcraft

In evil winds of ruin:

Demons ride the autumn sky

In thunder clouds and rain -

The gasps of forlorn souls who live again.

Dare walking this night, ye wanderer,

Ye life and soul you'll loose!

When hunted by his jetblack hound,

You'll surely meet your doom!

His eyes are burning red like fiery coal,

His cape - his leathery wings!

His breath will sear your back like winds from hell

The Night Of The Demon Lord /

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