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Bride Of Lucifer

silence voice with whistle of the wind

through dim nocturnal, misty air

melancholic crying of the wind

full of agony and despair

those graves with those old trees near

and the silent humming in the air

weak mortals stiffen by the fear

if do they walk by night here

spirit of that place is filled with fright

come here dark beauty of the night

to the realm of the night out from the light

come here to be my bride

under the lunar silver glow

come to me and let me show

my kingdom and my silver throne

of realm of darkness of my own

seal this part with the kiss

kiss the beast and you won't miss

the world of mortal and the weak

come now and give me yourself

you are the bride of lucifer

my mistress in thin black dress

you are the bride of lucifer

bride of the prince of darkness

you are the bride of lucifer

you are the bride of mine

Bride Of Lucifer /

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