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I bring the fire from the hell

I am a demon warrior

Listen for this doom bell

It tolls for this burning torch

I bring this torch from the flames

From the flames of Inferno

I bring the end for the days

Of angels' existence

I hunt those white dressed creatures

Creatures with their white wings

My own wings are black skin

And my claws steel

When I meet the angels of the light

I show no mercy for them

I tie them with barbed wire

And then crucify

I cut the veins of heaven's creature

I spill the holy blood

I am the tormentor of saints

And judge from hell

My dark and evil wrath is huge

I have ripped countless angels

And i have brought the fuel

For inferno's high flames

Those flames are getting higher

Til they reach those golden gates

And my deepest desire

Is to destroy all beyond those gates

Lighting up the weather wings

Tearing the burning corpse

And the choir of heaven sings

No... no more...!

Angelburner /

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