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Torn Soul

solve the key you will pay

torn apart with huge hooks

shredded up human slop

they will come the masters

pinhead and the chatlers

Trapped inside their gore world

feel the pain in your head

try to hide they'll find you

tear you apart in their fun

Escape for now but they still lurk

smell is foul the blod flows

he returns from beyond

decapitates in the ward

runaway into a room

there they hide feel your doom

hooks will fly through your flest

eyes fall out, smash your head

Feel your self come apart in there

rotting flesh hurts through the air now

splashing guts fall on the floor there

mind explodes there is gore everywhere

suol is trapped inside their world now

you will pay for what you will done

your suffering will be eternal

tear you apart ih their fun

Torn Soul /

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