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Hush Baby Hush

M. MyrieC. Dodd

It is real, as real as it seem

Don't you live on illusion

And don't you ever try to live a dream

I sing...


Buju say how could you rise up every living day

Telling yourself everything is OK

When you look at life you'll see it slipping away

Lord knows who feels it every moment every day

Those why cry for the poor get neglected, rejected, put to death

How much more will we take?

Did you father work off his shirt, blood, sweat and tears

Don't tell me that you forgot

Being oppressed by the oppressors, all different types of stress

For the sorrows of the poor, they don't even care less

Refuse to deal with world atrocities, civil unrest

Instead they're building penitentiaries as big as a bird's nest

Saying we are to be blamed for whatever what mess


Some say, how are you going? They want to know if we are mine

Not until we reposess what's rightfully mine

Sitting down for so long we do belive it is time

Everyone is entitled to food at mealtime

'Til then, we'll struggle for rights, no more racial fights

Degradation to the highest heights

All obstacles as a people we have to cross

With health and strength we all can get across

Happenings of yesterday are just a thing of the past


Don't you cry little one, wipe your tears, sing my song

Though we're in a strange land with evil ones

Help the weak if you're strong, iron sharpens iron

When you're down take a look at where the help is coming from

What about the masterminds with the foolproof plans

What about the geniuses who achieve grade one


Repeat verse 1 and verse 2

Hush Baby Hush /

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