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What About Now

There's gonna be a change of season

Indian summer look around and it's gone

Why you wanna save the best for last

We grow up so slowly and grow old so fast

We don't talk about forever

We just catch it while we can

And if i grab on to the moment

Don't let it slip away out of my hand


What about now

Forget about tomorrow

It's too far away

What about now

Close your eyes

Don't talk of yesterday

It's too far away, too far away

What about now

I'm coming out of the shadows

I'm getting of of this one way street

Blue memories they just gather dust

Leave them in the rain they turn into rust

Did you see the march to freedom

Did you ever see savannah moon

All the people walking in a line

Said to the man, is it my time?


In the walk of a lifetime

When you know it's the right time

I can't wait until the ship comes in

I can't wait starting all over again

The errors of a wise man

Make the rules for a fool

The Band

What About Now / The Band

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