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Sip The Wine

Intro: a d a d a d a d

A d a d

I want to lay down beside you

I want to hold your body close to mine

Like a grape that grows ripe in the sunshine

A d a

There comes a time when we must sip the wine

I can tell by lookin ... that you're not mine girl

I believe everything i told you was true

There's a child here that wants to start livin

And you know that this child will get it's start

From me and you

D e a

Close your eyes ... and don't you think of nothing

D e a

Let your thoughts remain here inside this room

F#m a

Lay your head beside me on my pillow

D e a

And i will share this night with you

A d

We must sip the wine ... till it feels alright

A d

We must sip the wine ... into the night

A d

We must sip the wine ... together ...

Outro: a d a d ...

The Band

Sip The Wine / The Band

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