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It Is A Good Day To Die

The general rode for sixteen days

The horses were thirsty and tired

On the trail of a renegade chief

One he'd come to admire

The soldiers hid behind the hills

That surrounded the village

And he rode down to warn the chief

They'd come to conquer and pillage

Lay down your arms

Lay down your spear

The chief's eyes were sad

But showed no sign of fear


It is a good day to die

Oh my children dry your eyes

It is a good day to die

He spoke of the days before the white man came

With his guns and whisky

He told of a time a long time ago

Before what you call history

The general couldn't believe his words

Nor the look on his face

But he knew these people would rather die

Then have to live in this disgrace

What law have i broken

What wrong have i done

That makes you want to bury me

Upon this trail of blood


We cared for the land and the land cared for us

And that's the way it's always been

Never asked for more never asked too much

And now you tell me this is the end

I laid down my weapon

Laid down my bow

Now you want to drive me out

With no place left to go


And he turned to his people and said dry your eyes

We've been blessed and we are thankful

Raise your voices to the sky

It is a good day to die

The Band

It Is A Good Day To Die / The Band

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