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Golden Feather

I think i'll go on back to shenandoah

She said that she'd meet me by the fork in the road

I jump start my one eyed ford

I'm heading for the pow-wow

I follow red path that leads to you


I gave my love a golden feather

I gave my love a heart of stone

And when you find a golden feather

It means you'll never lose your way back home

Should i paint my face

Should i pierce my skin

Does this make me a pagan

Sweating out my sins

We ate the sacred mushroom

And waded in the water

Howling like coyotes

At the naked moon


In the autumn night

When there's no wind blowin'

I could hear the stars falling in the dark

When you find what's worth keeping

With a breath of kindness

Blow the rest away


The Band

Golden Feather / The Band

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